Short-Term Goals

Wisconsin Women’s Fund Short-Term Goals include:

  • Inspire girls and women to be active through riding their bikes.
  • Share our passion for cycling and the outdoors.
  • Investing in girl’s and women’s programs through education, advocacy and grant processes.
  • Educate on the effects of positive choice to pursue the improvement of one’s health and community.
  • Create opportunities for girls and women to grow and bond without being judged or having fear of failure by supporting programs that advocate boosting self-esteem, having a positive self-image, basic life skills, healthy choices and leadership development.
  • Empower girls and women to explore and conduct women-lead social change through philanthropy.

Long-Term Goals

Our Long-Term Goals are aimed at working with supporters of women’s cycling to make the following advances for the sport:

  • Work with cycling industry companies, organizations (such as Clubs, Teams, Youth Groups and School Districts) and the media to grow the sport of cycling in Wisconsin and ensure sustainability in women’s cycling for the future.
  • Nurture the interest and support the development of amateur women by partnering with grassroots programs and facilitating mentoring opportunities for junior and developing riders.
  • Improve women rider participation by offering Grants or Awards or Scholarships to Clubs, Teams or High Schools that promote, support and grow women’s cycling (example, funds to be used for entry fees, prize purse, shared equipment, etc.)
  • Increase the breadth and depth of media coverage in Wisconsin of women’s cycling and the sport of cycling in general.