Kids Gearing Up

Kids Gearing Up

Through education, stewardship, and skills progression, our cycling program will provide fun learning opportunities for all participants, but remain challenging enough to build confidence and self-esteem at the same time.

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Education: In addition to skills progression, our curriculum includes learning how to care for your bike and the positive benefits cycling has on the mind, the body and in our community.

Stewardship: We use our time and talents to improve the lives of others. We teach bike safety, wear helmets, practice courteous trail etiquette, obey the rules of the road, and display a positive attitude. We (including you) are your child’s teachers and they learn by watching.

Skills Progression: We create an environment where children are given opportunities to experiment with reasonable risk. Skills acquisition comes with exposure, repetition, and confidence, and will unlock your child’s potential. The ability to self-assess risk is a huge life skill. Our job is to establish acceptable risk parameters, then let your child go for it.

Research has shown that “when children are given a chance to engage freely in adventurous play they quickly learn to assess their own skills and match them to the demands of the environment. Such children ask themselves —consciously or unconsciously — “how high can I climb” or “is this log across the creek strong enough to support me?” They become savvy about themselves and their environment. Children who are confident about taking chances rebound well when things don’t work out at first. They are resilient and will try again and again until they master a situation that challenges them—or wisely avoid it, if that seems best.” (Source:

Bike Riding Is Fun: We choose appropriate outings for our clinics and camps based on the age and skill levels of the children that attend. Though most activities are held at a mountain bike park, some may offer destination rides.

  • Destination – in addition to riding, what will you do there? (picnic, hike, swim, etc.)
  • Duration – based on time or a distance
  • Difficulty – casual, easy, intermediate, brisk or advanced on paved, gravel, double track, single track, or combination of surfaces.

All will be insightful and fun.

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Kids Gearing Up is a youth program of Wisconsin Women’s Fund and hosted by our women’s group, WWCycling Club. The WWCycling Club is a member of USA Cycling and sponsored by Wisconsin Women Cycling.  Because we are directly affiliated with, Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc., certain privileges are passed along to our Club, including the IRS 501(c)(3) designation so we can fund-raise to benefit local needs.

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