Organizational Background

October 29, 2015 – Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. (WWF) was organized in the State of Wisconsin as a non-profit organization. Cindy Petted holds the volunteer position of President of the Board.  A focus group was formed.

December 2015 – A draft of the WWF Bylaws has been produced to finalize the certification submission process of our 501(c)3, thus creating the philanthropic arm of Wisconsin Women Cycling.

December 2015 –Begin WWF Pledge Drive. A total of $5,850 was donated plus $500 pledged.

January 14, 2016 – Wisconsin Women’s Fund Founding Volunteer Board Members were inaugurated. Board approved: the Bylaws and along with other organizations, Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. is a customer of Wisconsin Women Cycling, LLC.

February 10, 2016 – The IRS determined Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. (EIN 81-0753971) exempt from federal income tax under IRC Section 501(c)3.

March 2016 – With the newly created non-profit, we will be updating our website presence, newsletter and email reflecting this. In advance, we thank you for your patience. These activities will allow our Board members to carry out the mission to provide funding or promotional opportunities to participants or supporters of women’s cycling through a grant application process.

October 13, 2016  – Board Approved: The Wisconsin Women Cycling Century and other programs and undertakings will be activities of Wisconsin Women Cycling, LLC, Inc. (the event planning company) to benefit the Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. (the foundation). Also approved, to stay in line with our mission Wisconsin Women’s Fund activities will include the Power of the Pedal Luncheon, the Cindyrella Classic, Women’s Group Rides, Youth Programs and other programs to inspire girls and women to make healthy choices on and off their bikes.

Wisconsin Women’s Fund, Inc. Legal Documents:

10/29/2015 Wisconsin WDFI Certificate of Status

12/7/2015 Bylaws

2/10/2016 IRS Tax-exempt Determination Letter